Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose Signwork for the job?

Through the years, we here at Signwork have learned to focus on three goals with our customers.

  1. We always provide a quality design, whether it's an economical or custom design. Without this quality, we feel you just won't get the results that are possible.
  2. We build a sign with skilled workmanship, whether it's fabricating & welding an aluminum sign cabinet, carving & gilding 23k gold leaf signs, or hand lettering a window sign. We take pride in doing the job right.
  3. We try to develop a long term relationship with our customers. We want them to keep coming back because of the success they have experienced through our signs.

Because of these three goals we have set, we can ensure that our quality, hard work and dedication will surpass all other competitors.

What qualifications does Signwork have?

Chuck Kish, Owner and operator, has been in the industry since 1988. graduated from Youngstown State University with a bachelors degree in fine art, majoring in graphic design and a minor in fine art painting. He has been recognized in the "Sign of the Times" design contest, one of the leading trade magazines in the field. To find out more about Signwork, Click Here.

Does Signwork have any work I may recognize?

Signwork has done work in many parts of Ohio, and Pennsylvania. To look for something you may recognize please check out our Portfolio Page. It has many, but not all, of the signs and work that we have done any the past.

How do I contact Signwork?

Signwork is located at 616 N. StateLine Rd. Masury, Ohio 44438. Call us at (330)-448-2812. If you would like to E-mail Signwork, Click Here.