About Signwork

Chuck & Pam KishMy name is Chuck Kish. I’ve been in the sign industry since 1988. I graduated from Youngstown State University with a bachelors degree in fine art, majoring in graphic design and a minor in fine art painting. Though college definitely helped shape & develop my eye in layout, color & design, the majority of my education in making signs came from countless hours studying, working & learning from others in & out of my field.

For years I tried absorbing every trade book I could read & visually study (& still do). But most importantly, are all the various people I’ve been blessed to have know & worked with through the years. From my parents, who taught me to work steady, work hard & take pride in my work, to all the various people through the years who were willing to teach me some of their skill & expertise.

After all these years in the sign industry I am still always learning new stuff & trying to improve my sign making skills to pass on to my customers. With the help of my partner & wife, Pam, who runs the office along with the none stop job of keeping me organized, we strive as a team to run a profitable business while focusing on helping our customers achieve, improve & grow their business through the signs we provide them.